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Exclusive Journey Co., Ltd, have established a network which now covers all world’s major tourist destinations. The Company vision was first conceived in 1999 by Kompaphob Bootphet who had been in travel and tourism industry more than 10 years, he formerly been with travel agency where was being GSA of 5 airlines at that time, the five stars hotel in the chain of Sheraton and with Singapore Airlines. Exclusive Journey grew very successfully over the years and in coming 2011, Magnet Tours of Japan become an exclusive business representative of the company in order to distribute the product to Europe, U.S.A, Japan and Northern Asia and be main handling for Japan’s arrangement part.

Exclusive Journey Co., Ltd is an official TOT accredited agent, registered number 11/06178 with commercial registered number 0125552007254 and member of IATA BSP, number 3530844. The company was the first to commence operating for air ticket and now with all efficiency capacity for tour operation. It’s covered all operation of inbound and outbound journey of M.I.C.E, incentive group, domestic and oversea seminar with escort individual and party for all purpose of traveling.

As we are the handling agents for European, U.S.A. and Japan inbound traffic, Exclusive Journey provides quality destination services to multilingual clients at competitive rates. We has created the only truly integrated service net in Asia, where the lines between front and back offices have subtly been blurred by database management, and full use is made of information technology. Online access via the web with instant confirmations of rates for worldwide hotel bookings was introduced in June 2009.

An efficient team of motivated and high experienced managers who know their individual terrain extremely well work in harmony towards the same goal. All are continuously scouting for innovative products and are in daily contact with each other, sharing ideas, information and technologies. The training programs are coordinated throughout the network as to ensure that quality is maintained at a consistent level everywhere and at all times. Exclusive Journey has become an international standard and trustable aspires to be seen as the benchmark against which others are judged.

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